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Next You Relay of Youth of the New Generation

Museum of Yugoslavia continues the practice of collective reflection on the Yugoslav heritage with the artists of the local art scene. The art collective Karkatag, symbolically, on May 25, the former Youth Day, begins the realization of artistic work n(ex)t y(o)u/new revisionism, that will be presented in several stages. The first part of the work consists of the Next You campaign, within which a competition is being announced for the conceptual design of relay of youth called the Next You Relay of Youth of the New Generation.

 Potential participants are invited to answer the following questions and competition propositions

“The theme of the competition is a modern interpretation of the Relay of Youth and understanding the meaning of this object today. We invite artists to answer, through a personal prism, the questions raised by its symbolism. Does it speak about the new crisis that has befallen the whole world, or does it remind you of the moments when you felt happy and safe? Does it emphasize togetherness and exchange on social media, does it celebrate favorite fashion and technology brands, or does it criticize class inequalities? Who would you hand it to? The doctors who defended us from the pandemic, the salesmen, your parents, your best friend or to the best boyfriend/girlfriend? Or maybe to yourself, because you are the Next You.”

Teams and individuals can apply for the competition, regardless of the field of work. Relay of Youth models can be made in any technique and software, but the final solutions must be performed and sent as three-dimensional models in digital format. The competition has two levels. In the first round, all solutions that meet the technical criteria and thematic framework will be selected, and the winning solution in the second round will be decided by voting on social media.

The competition is open from May 25 to June 20, 2020, after which the technical commission selects the works that enter the second round of the competition. The deadline for choosing the winning solution is July 10, 2020.

The winning solution will be printed in 3D during 2020 with the active participation of visitors to the Museum of Yugoslavia, and all copies will be exhibited in the Museum as part of the Next You exhibition and used during accompanying events. A copy of the winning solution will be awarded to the author.

Details regarding the application and technical propositions of the competition can be found at the link


About the art collective Karkatag

Karkatag (Belgrade) was formed in 2009 and it operates in the field of interactive art and new media, on the border with the performative. Karkatag’s works are usually kind of machines, often larger, that, exhibited or put to use, bring the audience in a situation to become an active participant, performer, and the event generated through their operation/use becomes an inseparable and essential part of the realization. So far, Karkatag has participated in numerous exhibitions, festivals, performances in Germany, England, Austria, Poland, Croatia, France, Montenegro and in several cities in Serbia.

As a part of the National Selection, Karkatag won the Gold Medal for Initiating Dialogue at the Prague Quadrennial 2015, where it participated again in 2019. Also, in 2015, Karkatag won the Award for the Development of the British program Gone in 20 Minutes for new and brave outdoor art projects. In the same year, Karkatag also received the prestigious award The Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust and production at the Barbican Center in London for 2016 in collaboration with the British group Collectif and then…

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