The Work on the Museum of Yugoslavia’s Permanent Exhibition

The work on the permanent exhibition started in 2009 with the project The New Old Museum, which, through a series of discussion programs, initiated the process of auto reflection and redefinition of the Museum. It was continued with the realization of the exhibition Yugoslavia from the Beginning to the End in 2012, which for the first time provided the museum audience with an overview of the development of Yugoslavia, examined through a prism of historians from the region. In the following years, the research of Yugoslav phenomena was continued with the exhibitions They Never Had it Better, Great Illusion, Design for the New World, To Be a Falcon Is to Be a Yugoslav, Yuga, My Yuga, and others.

During 2015, a new methodology in the work on the permanent exhibition was developed within the project 100 Years since the Creation of Yugoslavia, which implied a different approach and a turn towards the museum fund. Within this experiment of a sort – which is halfway between the concept of a storeroom and an exhibition – a sample of the fund was presented, depicting in a picturesque way the richness and diversity of the material kept in the Museum. During the first phase of this project, called The Storeroom Opens, collections of the Museum of the Revolution of Yugoslav Peoples and Ethnic Minorities and of the Memorial Center “Josip Broz Tito”, by the merger of which the Museum was formed, were juxtaposed. This approach enabled not only visitors, but also curators and other researchers a completely new insight into the Yugoslav heritage, viewed through dialogue or pronounced contradictions of objects from these two funds.

Work on the permanent exhibition has continued during 2017 with the transformation of the Open Storage Room into the Laboratory of the Museum of Yugoslavia. The museum fund that was collected after 1996 was presented and we supplemented the exhibition with curatorial statements and artworks. Also, we defined the concept of the future permanent exhibition that will offer to the visitors 10 phenomena as a framework for understanding of all phases of the existence of Yugoslav heritage: from the appearance of the Yugoslav idea, through the age of the Kingdom and the Socialist Yugoslavia, until its disintegration and yugonostalgia. Within each of the phenomena, a relatively small number of objects and an accentuated polyphony (including voices of donors, famous persons of Yugoslavia, artists, researchers, curators) were combined with the aim to draw attention to the complexity of Yugoslav heritage, to the potential for its current affirmation, but also to dangers of possible banalisation and abuse of this heritage. As a result of the long-standing work of the museum team, the new permanent exhibition will be opened in 2020.

The Origins: The Background for Understanding the Museum of Yugoslavia

Creation of a European type of museum was affected by a number of practices and concepts of collecting, storing and usage of items.

New Mappings of Europe

Laboratory of the Museum of Yugoslavia

Second stage of the work on the permanent display

The Continued Renewal and Summer Scheme