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The Play Partisans Will Come Again in the Museum of Yugoslavia

On Saturday, October 3, at 6 pm, the play Partisans Will Come Again will be performed in the complex of the Museum of Yugoslavia. It is a specific theater project by Dušan Murić, supplemented and developed with each new performance, and the realization of which illustrates the Museum’s long-term cooperation with independent art groups.

Partisans Will Come Again, together with its author Dušan Murić, is performed and developed by Hristina Šormaz, Miloš Janjić, Nemanja Bošković, Jana Milenković, Jelena Mijić and Ivana Koraksić, with the help of their friends.

“The play Partisans Will Come Again is an expression of an unbearable present and an unsustainable future. Through the prism of the near future, we call for resistance today, tomorrow and never, now and here and far, far away, critically treating the stagnant cultural and activist paradigms,” the author of the play points out, announcing the play with the following verses:

Doći će partizani opet

iskoreniće narodne neprijatelje

sadiće drveće, konoplju, lubenice

sravniće kule i gradove

jahaće popove, ženiće balerine.

Ko nekad u osam

proći će ulicom tvojom,

zakucaće i na tvoja vrata…

Ti međutim spavaš

umrežen ekranima

lajkuješ u snu

neko lice, možda dečje

neke oči, možda digitalne

jer revolucija je lepa samo dok se čeka

na zgarištu robota dva.

Kako se lepo s 25. maja vidi zlatni plus!

Doprinosite li bleštavilu?

Ovo nam je naša borba dala

Robovi na strani kapitala.

So far, the play has been performed several times at KC Magacin, as well as at the FAKI festival (Festival of Alternative Theater Expression) in Zagreb.

Dušan Murić (Ćuprija, 1971) has been engaged in performative activities since 1997, and is the author of numerous plays. He held a scholarship of DanceWeb (ImpulsTanz, Vienna), and he appeared in dance performances by Bojana Mladenović, Isidora Stanišić, Mimart, Ister Theatre and the New Dance Forum. He worked on stage movement and performed in plays by Petar Pejaković, Anja Suša, Ivana Koraksić, and other directors. He is one of the founders of Stanica – a service for contemporary dance. Murić got the second award from the expert jury, critics’ award, and the Encouragement award at the Festival of Choreographic Miniatures 2016 (UBUS) for the miniature Private Movement.

The play is realized within the project Summer in the Museum, which was created three years ago with the idea to revive the museum park, the plateau in front of the Museum and to promote the Museum of Yugoslavia, as a place for socializing and entertainment.

The play will be performed outdoors, the number of visitors is limited and you need to register at  

The Museum of Yugoslavia recommends the audience to wear comfortable shoes and face masks, and to be prepared for an unusual theatrical experience.

Iz Muzeja Jugoslavije poručuju publici da ponese udobnu obuću, maske i da se spremi za nesvakidašnje pozorišno iskustvo.

  • Day: 03.10-03.10.2020
  • Time: 18:00

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