International conference: Nostalgia on the Move – Panel 3

  • Production: Nakama
  • Participants:
    • Muriel Blaive
    • Nataša Jaghuhn
    • Nevena Skrbić Alempijević
    • Nikolai Vukov
  • Тype: Video
  • Тheme:
    • Nostalgia
    • Yugo-nostalgia
  • Event: Heroes We love
  • Datе : 30.09.2016.

Personal memories vs. official narratives – Opposing dominant discourses

Dr. Nevena Skrbić Alempijević: Embodying memory, commemorating the past: the Day of Youth celebrations in Kumrovec

Dr. Muriel Blaive: Writing the history of communism in the Czech Republic: Political correctness vs. nostalgia/retro

Dr. Nikolai Vukov: Former day of socialist victory: The 9th of september in the ritual ceremonies of post-1989 Bulgaria