For Students

Museum of Yugoslavia offers practice to undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as to those who have recently graduated and think that their skills can contribute to the work of the Museum. The practical work is possible in various sectors of the Museum, from the work on the documentation to the work at exhibitions and the work with the audience.

The aim of this program is to offer practical museum experience to every individual interested in continuing their career in the field of culture. The participants of practical work have the opportunity to engage in everyday museum work, but also to take part in a variety of current projects and thus gain new knowledge and skills, but also to show creativity and willingness to develop their own ideas and projects. The practical work at the Museum of Yugoslavia gives each student a broad understanding of the internal functioning of the Museum, the opportunity to express their potential, but also the opportunity to extend their engagement in the Museum after their practical work is finished.

Each individual receives assignments on the basis of previous experience, professional skills, interests and goals in their further career. Preferences for a practitioner’s profile are changing depending of the needs of the Museum, and the call is always open.

Mira Luković

“The practical work in the Museum of Yugoslavia has given me an interesting experience, valuable professional relationships, as well as knowledge and skills useful for work in a cultural institution, and for a variety of life situations. It helped me to understand what I can do and what I still need to learn.”

Sonja Glišić

“Volunteering in the Museum of Yugoslavia helped me to realize that a museum is not a ‘relic of the past’, but the starting point of many ideas, a catalyst for various changes, a relevant place where no one is condemned to a role of a mere observer.”

Katarina Stojičić

“The practical work in the Museum helped me to improve as an art historian; it expanded my opportunities and made me realize the potential I have.”

Applay for practical work in the Museum

If you see yourself in a dynamic environment, if you want to become a part of the team of the Museum of Yugoslav and to gain experience by working in one of the leading museum institutions in the country, send us your a cover letter.

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