The book “Yugoslavia: Medieval Frescoes”

  • Collection: The Memorial Library Josip Broz Tito
  • Author:
    • Anton Schutz
    • Piter Bellew
  • Country: USA
  • Type of item: Book
  • Material: Paper
  • Time : 1955.
  • Is it exposed? No

The book “Yugoslavia: Medieval Frescoes” was printed in the UNESCO series of publications from world art. It was published by the New York Graphic Society, with the aim of making works of art that have been, until then, known mainly to a narrow circle of art lovers accessible through high-quality color reproductions for the wider audience. The publication includes David Talbot Rice’s preface and 32 color reproductions of frescoes from famous monasteries in Yugoslavia, among them Kalenić, Manasija, Sopoćani, Dečani, Gračanica, Studenica, Prizren, Mileševa, Nerezi and St. Sofia. The issues were published in English, Italian, French, Spanish and German. The Committee for Culture and Art of the Government of the FNRY initiated in 1947 organizing exhibitions abroad, and this publication was the first result of this effort.