Flintlock blunderbuss

  • Collection: The collection of gifts – Weapons and military equipment
  • Author: Unknown
  • Country: Tunisia
  • Place: Unknown
  • Type of item:
    • Gun
    • Weapon
  • Material:
    • Metal
    • Wood
  • Time : 1839. / 1840.
  • Is it exposed? Yes
  • Inventory number: 68 OZP

The rifle was a gift from the Government of the Republic of Iraq to the President J. B. Tito, February 5, 1979

A flintlock blunderbuss comes from Tunisia, dating from the fourth decade of the XIX century. It is characterized by a pronounced opening at the top of the tube or ‘mouth’ where it extends like a trumpet. These rifles were throwing the bullet in width, but they had a small range, which was why they were foremost used by cavalry to shoot in close proximity and in the assault.