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Workshop: The Sparrows of Van Pe

On the occasion of the International Migrants Day, December 18 – within the project New Mappings of Europe – the Museum of Yugoslavia, with a class of the Third Belgrade Gymnasium, is organizing a workshop, designed and led by the professor of Serbian language and literature, Ružica Marjanović, from Užice Gymnasium.

Workshop description:

The novella of Erich Kosch, The Sparrows of Van Pe, is an exceptional literary allegorical study of social processes that precede massive, collective, often hysterical, reactions, the kind of which appeared in the 20th century and eventually lead to a crime of gigantic proportions. The text of Erich Kosch will be used in this workshop as a starting point for recognizing the role of certain social groups in creating inner enemies and the distance toward them. The focus is on understanding the responsibility of the academic community, the media, the education system, the holders of political power, and citizens who arrange the persecution and do or do not participate in it. A part of the activity is dedicated to the analysis of the behavior of the persecuted, as well as to the misuse of myths and traditions in motivating and subsequently explaining the process by which citizens are convinced that the sparrows are the enemy and should be destroyed. One of the objectives of the workshop is to identify and demystify today’s mechanisms for creating intolerance towards migrants in Europe and the fear of their arrival in our world.

The workshop will be held in the premises of the museum coffee shop, K-25, on Tuesday, December 18 at 11 am.

  • Day: 18.12-18.12.2018
  • Time: 11:00

The Origins: The Background for Understanding the Museum of Yugoslavia

Creation of a European type of museum was affected by a number of practices and concepts of collecting, storing and usage of items.

New Mappings of Europe

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