Renovation continues?!

Ana Radić, Public Relations Associate

Time flies when you work hard! It seems incredible that it has been a year since the renovation began in the museum complex. We have got used to scaffolding and construction workers long time ago. Works on the thermal and electrical installations in the May 25 Museum are completed, so the exhibits in temporary storage rooms on the first floor have enjoyed optimal conditions this summer. The tiling and painting works in storage rooms on the ground floor are also finished, and modern movable shelves for pictures have been built in the art storage room.

Unfortunately, we have been waiting for funding from the budget to continue the construction work. Since we are unable to present to the audience the exhibition A Day Worthy a Century, dedicated to the centenary of the founding of the first Yugoslav state, in our building, the exhibition will be opened on December 1, 2018 in the Palace of Serbia, the object commissioned by the Federal Executive Council of Yugoslavia, masterfully designed by Mihailo Mika Janković in total design. The same architect also signed the project of the May 25 Museum, and the street of the Museum of Yugoslavia has proudly borne his name for two years.

Of course, we have boasted that our complex will soon have a new and modern visitor center. Due to the rainy summer, the construction works have been a bit prolonged, but we gradually fill the shelves with souvenirs. We expect that tourists who plan to visit Belgrade during the New Year and Christmas holidays, will enjoy refreshments from our café after visiting our Museum. In the park, we set up a statue of the famous Yugoslav sculptor, Vojin Bakić, the author of numerous monuments dedicated to the National Liberation War and anti-fascism. The modernist sculpture A Bird, made in the spirit of associative abstraction, will be visible from the garden of the café. The Central Council of Federation of Trade Unions of Yugoslavia gave this artwork to Josip Broz Tito as a gift in 1962.

The new souvenir offer will contain a certified poster (limited edition of 100 pieces) of our famous illustrator, Bratislav Bata Milenković, who drew inspiration from the posters in our fund. At the end of the campaign YU100, during which free museum tickets will be left all over Belgrade, we will keep a souvenir – an organizer with the chronology of the most important events in the history of Yugoslavia – to remind us of it. Practical and educational. The same as the experience we try to provide to our audience!

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