The Continued Renewal and Summer Scheme

Ana Radić, Public Relations

Many of you, who visited the Museum complex during the spring, probably have noticed that the maintenance of the May 25 Museum facility has been continued. As the renovation works switched from the first floor to the ground floor, all employees of the Museum were given strict instructions for the purpose of entering into this facility – not without helmets.

According to the plan of the second phase, so that the facility would be renewed to the normal state, the required works include new electrical and water supply, as well as the drainage systems; restoration of the movie theater to its original appearance; rationalization of office space for employees; works on the toilets and kitchen; repair of floors (marble, ceramic tiles, carpeting) and the walls; thermo- and hydro insulation on the flat roof; partial lighting for the Museum’s exhibition spaces and contemporary lighting of the office space, installing of low voltage power supply (fire detection appliances, video surveillance, sound system); procurement of modular, movable exhibition walls and replacing the dilapidated office furniture.

Storage rooms, from which the Museum exhibits were moved out last winter, have been completed and renovated. Among them, the new art storage room stands out with its movable shelves. Therefore, another moving has been planned, unpacking of the numbered boxes and bringing the exhibits to their place.

All works will be carried out with respect for the original project of the  architect Mihailo Mika Janković, using appropriate materials. May 25 Museum was built in 1962 in a modernist style, as one of the first purpose-built museum buildings in Belgrade. It is one of the few examples of the total design in the architecture of Belgrade, where equal attention was paid to the representative external appearance of the building, as well as to the modern interior design.

To make renovation complete and harmonious, the restoration and conservation of facades and associated plateaus of the May 25 Museum is necessary.

Until the opening, we will enjoy in other programs and facilities of the complex. House of Flowers, Old Museum and the Sculpture Park, on May 25 this year were visited by 4 000 people of all ages, while the opening of Summer in the Museum and the concert on the former Day of Youth was attended by about 1 000 visitors. For this year, we plan more days like that!


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