List of programs

Workshop: Theme of a house in stained glass

Part of the exhibition: Turen kralja Petra II

Currently, there are two exhibitions at the Museum of Yugoslavia: Hedgehog Home –
Inventing a Better World and Tureen of Peter II. Therefore, we have decided to create a
workshop to combine these two exhibitions.
At the workshop, you will learn about the fascinating history of one of the most important
Yugoslav art workshops of photoceramics and art glass, Stanišić and Sons from Sombor,
which produced the most recently acquired item for the Museum collection, the Tureen
(soupier) of the last Yugoslav king. At the workshop, all participants will have the opportunity
to try and make their own stained glass on the theme of house/home.
Ena Borovac, illustrator and descendant of the Stanišić family, will teach us how to think like a
stained-glass artist and how to turn an ordinary drawing into a blueprint for a stained glass
piece. She will tell us the story of her family, which has been making the most representative
examples of stained glass and photo ceramics in our region since 1908.
The workshop is for adults and children aged five to ten.
The number of workshop participants is limited, and registration is required at:
The dates and times of the workshop:

Saturday, March 9 at 11.00 a.m.

Sunday, March 10 at 11.00 a.m.

*the workshop will be held in Serbian

May 25 Museum - Exhibition Space (Right)
  • Day: 09.03-10.03.2024
  • Time: 11:00
  • Capacity: 20

The Origins: The Background for Understanding the Museum of Yugoslavia

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